Importance of Breath

Importance of Breath

Essay on Breath

This is a short essay I wrote on the breath for my yoga teacher training. Never underestimate the power of the breath. It can heal , begin and aid in the transformation process. In times like these first remember to connect what is always with you.

The power of the breath can be limitless. We use the breath as a vehicle to move energy within our bodies, mind and spirit to unify and integrate our state of being.  The way I understand it is that the bodies energy centers, the chakras and all the energetic pathways,the nodis have energy residing in them at all times.  This energy inherently wants to be in some sort of movement at all times.  The energy can become clogged, slowed down or stuck. That is why the breath plays such a key role with it’s ability to move or regulate the energy, to clear stuck energy or balance energy that is erratic.

In our day to day lives, when we are not aware of our breath, it tends to stay quiet and shallow. just bringing our attention to what our breath is doing can instantly bring us into awareness of how we are feeling in our body. May it be tense or relaxed.  From the you can manipulate it further to relax yourself or to empower in the case of in an asana practice.

In our meditation practices we are able to simply move this energy with the breath and awareness. In asana practice we have the opportunity to move the energy with the movement of our physical bodies in the poses as well as the breath. Movement of energy allows us to grow and let go of what no longer serves us.

Without awareness of our breath, we are more likely to injure ourselves, as well and not obtain the full potential benefits of the practice. The breath can also be a point of focus so we can stay and be more attuned with our practice. You are able to use the breath to move in and out of each asana or hold with more focus and intention. Without the breath we are less likely to grow and be able transform.

I practiced yoga for quite a long time without bringing my breath into my practice.  I still enjoyed doing it but I felt it was more stretching and exercise than the trans formative practice I have today. So in that light I would like to express how the breath can really be the tool that can activate your yoga practice, be it asana, meditation, or any other tool for spiritual growth.

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