An Open Heart

An Open Heart

An open heart can do many things. It can allow us to express love for ourselves and others. It can change our perspective . What I am experiencing as of late is that an open heart breaks apart the pain, trauma and darkest parts of ourselves so we can truly grow and heal. The act of being vulnerable and open creates enough space to loosen up what isn’t needed anymore. You can certainly become vulnerable and open on your own, but what really creates a catalyst for growth and healing is being vulnerable with another person. Romantic love stirs all the of the good and all of the bad up. It is this wild, beautiful, overwelming, yet magical phenomenon.

Personally ,I am now experiencing the breaking up of the tiny bits of the old stuff I thought I healed. The longing for connection at all times, the insecurity, the loneliness, the deep hurt from others in the past.  I just have to let is flow. Allow the stuck to become unstuck. You don’t have to attach yourself to the old pain. Allow it to pass as it is meant to. Be kind to yourself at every moment. Honor you process as it is. You are worthy of love, you are loved.  You are LOVE.

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