Hair that suits your soul.


Transformational Haircuts

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2001.

I love creating hair that suits your soul, and to align you with your true sense of self, and expresses that with minimal effort. Effortless,  high style is my approach to achieve hair that looks and feels great even as it grows out.

I specialize in transformative haircuts, razor cuts,  low maintenance hair, fine hair, curly hair, bangs.

Transformational Haircut $100 – This session is a gateway to shedding the old and cultivating a new perspective . I hold space for the vision of the transformation you would like to create. A hairstyle designed for every part of your being, intuitive guidance, and  energy healing. 75 minutes

Haircut $80

I offer services in your home in the Portland, Oregon area.

Energy Healing

I received my Level 3 Reiki Master training in 2014. Reiki is a hands on healing modality to help remove energetic blockages so you can heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

45 Minute  Integrative Energy Healing Session $80 . Includes 45 minutes of energy work, consultation and reading. Sessions are offered remotely via Face time or Phone.


Alchemical Handmade energy and gemstone infused healing hair products. Every product is lunar charged for full lunar cycle of 28 days! All made in small batches with organic and local ingredients.

Selenite Texture Spray,  Moon Dust Dry Shampoo and Heart and Hair Activating Spray now available for purchase on my Etsy page.

To Schedule:

Phone: 206.612.6406

About me:

Born a seeker, I am always finding new ways to grow and evolve. I have been a hairstylist for over 19 years. In the last 8 years I have started my own healing journey, which included reiki attunements, energy tools and mentorship. I have developed and evolved my abilities to heal myself and others.
Being a hairstylist and energy healing practitioner allows me to offer a unique and transformative experience. A haircut can be a life changing event whether letting go of something that no longer serves you or calling in what you desire. I am honored to be able to aid and hold space in your transformation. My offerings are catered to your own unique journey to empower and assist.

My hair products reflect my passion to help you look good and feel nurtured. All my hair and products are charged by healing energy, gemstones and the lunar cycle for stronger healing potency. All ingredients are made in small batches with organic and local ingredients.


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